Retail Business Solution Features

It is a fully fledged drag and drop e-commerce website builder which enables the user to build any website they want. Selling online has never been easier. With this solution, SMEs can setup their stores in minutes and bring their brand online.

Merchant Portal

Sales Summary Analysis

Analytics tools to keep track of sales and all the related details. This will have all information to have a better understanding of customers preferences.

Website Builder

We offer a variety of templates with its perceptive settings so you can simply customize every feature of your storefront. Create and host your website with a few clicks.


When customers purchase goods or services via online portals, you can send a payment link for customers to pay online to collect payments

Store Management

Order fulfillment

Synchronize your orders with your inventory and increase your business productivity from order creation to fulfillment.

User Privileges

Secure your data with an assigned privilege levels. Multiple tools available to help you manage your staff – permissions by role

Flexible island-wide shipping

Create multiple delivery options and fulfill orders quickly. Calculates shipping rates and sends customers automatic tracking updates.

Marketing & SEO

Social Media connector

Make your content shareable with social share buttons. They help you increase awareness of your content

Product ratings and reviews

Let’s your customers rate and review the products they purchase and share the shopping experience.

Promotions Manager

Reach more buyers by adding promotions. We offer a flexible solution to give discounts to your products.

Product catalogue and inventory

Product comparison

Lets your customers to compare products based on specifications, pricing and helps them choose the right product.

Inventory Management

Allows you to add and customize product tags and descriptions and also to set up things like inventory and pricing.

Product catalogue

Select products from catalogue over 34 million products and you have the freedom to showcase an unlimited number of products.

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